Parameter Name Description
Project Title

Project title and the upscaling title is may not necessarily be the same


Outline whether the project has been completed or is still under implementation and if so, explain at what stage of implementation. Explain the achievements of the research work and what the idea will achieve that is significant in terms of outcomes and impact and why this project is important for upscaling (continuation or elaboration of previous or on-going project and its results; complement to the on-going or previous, etc). Justify why and how the project differs from the current approach, detail the outcomes/impact of the current aspect of the project and explain how the upscaling will build on this, taking the results of the on-going/previous project into account and clearly showing which content is new and which is not.


The justification for the proposed scale-up should be clear with regards to any recommendations or positive aspects from the mid-term report or terminal evaluation report that would explain the need to scale-up the identified project components and activities. Explain what the project intends to achieve, its objectives and scope. Explain the target beneficiaries/user needs and justify how these needs have been investigated and validated. Describe the targeted upscaling output (product/service/process) and its specific characteristics (in terms of cost, performance, efficiency, safety, environmental impact, lifetime, etc.). Describe how the proposed solution will contribute to solving the problem. Explain what remains to be done additionally to bring the solution to commercialization and/or implementation, and the timelines for this. Describe how the upscaling will contribute to the strategic priorities of the Government of Kenya.


Describe what the underlying idea for upscaling is. Give a brief description of the background idea/s and explain why they are important for the success of the project. Justify the technical feasibility of what you intend to achieve and metrics. Describe the areas where you expect impact. Explain the processes that will be involved and the general principles that will guide the upscaling. Clearly explain the rationale for scaling-up the identified components and the proposed scaling-up strategy


Give a preliminary assessment of the socio-economic and business opportunity represented by the upscaling by answering the following questions: 

·Who is the target population/customer and what are their key characteristics? 

·What is the value proposition (i.e. why would the population/customer get, buy or use your solution, what are the key benefits for population/customer?)

·What milestones would be applied in monitoring the up scaled project and why? 

·Explain what is innovative in the upscaling process compared to other approaches. Describe the expected strengths and weaknesses vs. current situation


Outline any relevant information from the mid-term or terminal evaluation that would improve the components to be scaled-up compared to the current or completed project. Describe how the upscaling will contribute to the overall impact to the target group/use. Describe the benefits and how they will be provided to other partners outside of the consortium partners and to the community at large. Specify to which extent the upscaling could have indirect benefits for other sectors/markets/ users/partners.


Describe your KPIs and quantify the expected contribution of the upscaling to them.

International Consortia

Provide a clear description of the expertise of each partner and describe the complementarity between partners. Justify the selection of the lead partner for the upscaling. Describe how the various partners will provide access to the relevant resources and cover the relevant steps along the chain, as required to produce and deliver the planned benefits to the targeted population/customers/users). In particular, demonstrate strong involvement of relevant partner(s) as required to ensure impact/commercialization on a broad geographical scope. Provide a clear description of the specific role of each partner and describe the project coordination mechanisms and governance structure that will be implemented, including the involvement of the National Research Fund in the monitoring and evaluation as well as possible review of the upscaling design


NRF requires all consortia to develop a work-plan that will be tied to a consortium agreement. The Work-plan will be evaluated and agreed on with regard to timelines but shall NOT exceed 5 calendar years. The upscaling work-plan should contain at least the following aspects: 

·The proposal provides a realistic description of the current stage of the project to be up-scaled and the added value of the upscaling innovation as well  as very good understanding of the existing situation to the target population/users. This includes good comparison with state-of the-art, known solutions, including costs, environmental benefits, gender dimension, ease-of-use and other features • Aim is to perform a realistic and relevant analysis of existing conditions and key stakeholders, or includes a plan for achieving this information 

·Target population/customers/users: How are they identified and how they can be segmented according to their characteristics 

·The strategy plan for mass roll out/commercialization is prepared in a realistic and relevant way, including approximate times. Activities to be further developed after current project, including additional dissemination measures, are well outlined • Measures to ensure "freedom to operate" (possibility of commercial exploitation) are realistic and there is a convincing strategy of knowledge protection, including current IPR filing status, IPR ownership and licensing issues. Regulatory and/or standard requirements are well addressed 

·Backflows (financial and non-financial) provided to the NRF are well described, including project specific monitoring and evaluation budgets, reporting and scheduling.

Please fill in the workplan details in the work-plan section of the Grant Application


Upscaling projects shall include a work plan package dedicated to project management. This work package will also include all horizontal actions such as communication and dissemination, interactions/reporting.


Upscaling projects will include a work plan dedicated to enhancing collaboration and innovation levels by supporting the professional development of people working in the project. It is advised to include a budget for such activities and report associated with the up scaling KPIs. Other work plan packages should be defined by the consortium to cover all the relevant technical and nontechnical aspects of the project (e.g. marketing, finance, IP, regulatory, stakeholder management, etc.)


Identify key risk factor (with regards to technology, market, finance, regulatory, stakeholders, management etc.), their likelihood (low/medium/high), and criticality and describe planned measures to anticipate/mitigate such risks. 

Definition of critical risk: - A critical risk is a plausible event or issue that could have a high adverse impact on the ability of the project to achieve its objectives. 

Level of likelihood to occur: (Low/medium/high) the likelihood is the estimated probability that the risk will materialize even after taking account of the mitigating measures put in place.


Detailed budget

Preliminary Budget should be provided. Provide in text a clear description of the budget allocations and their justification, including likely if any, distribution between partners, key activities, dissemination measures etc. Provide too a description of financial backflows likely to NRF as part of its resource mobilization (in terms of the socio-economic value of the project).

In addition to the impact already described, indicate here how the project will provide nonfinancial “value for money” to the NRF, e.g. in the form of free support to other NRF activities (e.g. network of infrastructure, entrepreneurship support services, students, SMEs) or other stakeholders (e.g. public authorities).

Relevance to NRF: Provide a brief description and justify the upscaling relevance in support of NRF (i.e. ability to increase the impact of the NRF activities in the upscaled project).

Please fill in the budget details in the budget section of the Grant Application